When are we going to stop calling her Kate Middleton? She’s Duchess Kate and she’s been married to Prince William four years (as of this past Wednesday) and they now have two children. I can’t imagine anyone talking about Diana Spencer giving birth to Prince Harry....
» 5/02/15 4:17pm Saturday 4:17pm

I ran into her in the East Village about a year ago. It was 8:30 in the morning and it was lightly drizzling and she was pushing one of her kids in a stroller. I wanted to say something because Miranda is the best part of Sex and the City, but she had a “haven’t had my coffee yet” look on her face so I left her alone.… » 5/01/15 1:22pm Friday 1:22pm

Not exactly a concert, but a few months back I found myself at a bar on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. It was after midnight on a Monday and even though I had to work the next day, I went to meet a dear friend of mine who was leaving New York to move to San Francisco. We’re sitting in a booth and from behind me… » 4/25/15 5:22pm 4/25/15 5:22pm